Kind words from some of our clients

“At WRKO I use a few other pro services, so I’m spoiled by that level of quality. Your discs get the same job done, for a budget price – and ownership! No expensive annual lease bills!!”

Bill Smith, WRKO Boston

“Got the CDs at 11:00. They paid for themselves by 1:00”

Sherry Handy, WWAG


Carl Reiner, NBC

“Regarding the IMAGING EFFECTS package – if you can’t find your image in these CDs, maybe you don’t have one.”

Pete Bunch, Spoken Word Images

“The variety of music on these four CDs is excellent. The compositions are all well done and well produced.

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“This is high quality music, good for any market. It suits everything I might do – just great stuff!”

Gregory Davis, WRNR

“The cuts are great – thanks again for the outstanding service… and outstanding music!”

Gary Lee Michaels, ESPN

“Just what we needed! Our spots are sounding better than ever. This is one of the best investments we’ve come across – I just wish I had tried it sooner. Thanks!”

Susan Burton, WCPM

“Perfect… The music never competes with the voice – and it gives each spot its own identity!”

Ralph Turpen, WBNL

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